Praise for Narcissism (Soon You Will Be Free…) by Vixen Phillips:

Well-paced, wonderfully visual and descriptive…a great introduction to the imaginative mind that fuels the storytelling craft and talent of Vixen Phillips.
- Jess C Scott, Author, Artist, Non-Conformist

I would personally describe this as a sort of yaoish version of “Bladerunner”. Give it a try, you’ll definitely find it an interesting read.
- ~riaria~ @

Well written and imaginative…I’d certainly recommend it for anyone looking for something a little offbeat.
- Miss Milliscent, Author of Dystopian Longings

Narcissism : original yaoi dark science fiction story : by Vixen Phillips

Narcissism (Soon You Will Be Free…)

Part shoujo (girl’s) anime/manga pastiche, part dark science fiction novella

by Vixen Phillips

$0.99 e-book

In a bleak post-war age, genetic reproduction is cheaper & more reliable than the manufacture of standard dolls.

In certain segments of society, young men are now made and kept as slaves & pets, issued with a limited lifespan, chained in so many ways. But Meigeharen is different from the others of his ‘batch’, and when Zander comes into his life, he finds it harder to keep his true self a secret.

There’s just one problem. Zander is the boyfriend of his owner Polly, and acts of sexual expression are forbidden for his kind.

Rated MA, for Mature Audiences.
Story contains homoerotic content, coarse language, & adult themes.



The room is lit with twelve candles—no more, no less. In one corner, some soft and sensual lullaby rises from the stereo. The curtains brush softly over his skin from the open window as he begins to undress, smiling down at the sleeping city below, mocking it, wanting it, flirting with it. First his little black dress, next the purple skivvy, and finally the stockings and suspenders. He never wears underwear.

Here, for the next six hours at least, he can be truly alone. But he can never be free.


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