Lost Violet Press is the indie publishing project of Australian writer Vixen Phillips. Works include a mix of such genres as dark homoerotic fiction, speculative fiction, steampunk & cyberpunk, and literary/lyrical trance. These stories are set in worlds where dreams & nightmares intertwine with reality. The focus is on characters who make intimate connections to one another, spiral along realms of madness and revelation, and, in moments of beautiful self-destruction, strive to break free of whatever cages contain them.

The Amorpheum Key : a dark fantasy steampunk series : by Vixen Phillips

The Amorpheum Key

A dark fantasy steampunk series

by Vixen Phillips

e-book/paperback edition

In my world, no one is saved.
No salvation. No redemption. Only fate.

Julen, Tarquin, Aurelia, Trillian, and Pen. Five young adults, selected at birth and cultivated by the imperialist New Britannian Empire to participate in Project Phoenix. Their purpose: to be trained as human psionic weapons, tools engineered and ready to serve the violent and paranoid whims of Queen Victoria II.
In their cloistered little world, nothing is painted in black and white, and the ability to discern friend from enemy grows more cloudy with every step.
But can their awakening powers, and their connection to each other, liberate them from a pre-determined life of slavery to the Empire and the mind-altering Gardenia Amorpheum petals? Or is the path of destruction the only true choice they can make?

Rated MA, for Mature Audiences.
Story contains adult themes, homoerotic content, strong violence, and sexual & drug references.


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